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My baby has been admitted 4 times for aspiration pneumonia in one of the famous medical research institute in Mumbai. My baby was diagnosed with cleft palate, ASD and PH during first hospitalisation. Her heart surgery for ASD closure and tongue tie was done in last month. Now still she had been admitted for aspirational pneumonia. One of the doctor is suspecting GER. Could u please help in related matter. The doctors want to feed baby with NG tube but this is not beneficial for her weight gain. She had been fed orally with smashed food when she was 4months old. Now also she swallows it properly. But doctors are rejecting oral feeding. My baby is now 11m old and her weight is 3.2kg. She gains weight but it decreases very fastlu during hospitalisation. Kindly help us out of this pain. We have been suggested to go for palate surgery when she gains at least 7kg. Waiting for ur expert opinion and feedback.

Hi, Prachi,

If she is having GERD symptoms, then a trial of typical antiacids or meds called proton pump inhibitors might be in order. It seems like they are attempting to have her gain some weight before doing a definitive surgery for either the palate or attempting to do a Nissen fundoplication for the GERD. They are doing the NG feeds to help prevent aspiration, I suspect.  Hard to say with so little information and not knowing how things are done in your part of the world.   Sit down with the surgeon or the doctor in charge and carefully go over their plan of action and the reasons behind the plan.  

Good luck, and happy to comment if you have some additional information.

Dr. Olson


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