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Hi Dr. Smith,
I had a question regarding my six week old's feeding habits. I pump breast milk and feed it to her from a bottle. My concern is that she is still eating small amounts very frequently (anywhere from 20ml to 60ml per feeding, for 12-15 feedings a day, usually totalling 500ml daily). I thought by six weeks, she should be able to eat large amounts less frequently. She currently weighs 3.2 kg.
She was delivered via c-section prematurely (36 weeks and 5 days) so I wonder if this means I should be expecting that change at 6 weeks from her original due date? Or should I be concerned?
Thank you!

I am not quite sure why you do not feed your baby directly from the breast. Breast fed babies often feed more frequently than those bottle fed. The key thing is whether she is gaining weight satisfactorily. If you are worried you should consult your local doctor who can evaluate things properly.


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