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QUESTION: my son has a severe cough that is very hoarse it comes and goes in "spells" and he has had fevers reaching between 101-102 for 8days now and he gets a rash here and there and his eyes get red and swollen on and off he is also very congested...I took him to the hospital and they told me its just a cold we were there for 4 baby is not showing and signs of getting better and he is very fussy all the time as well...I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on what you may think it could be

ANSWER: Hi, meghan,

He needs to be rechecked, and preferably by his doctor.  Even if things looked good 4 days ago, he shouldn't still be having fevers.  The combination of fever, rash and hoarse voice is worrisome to me, especially if things are getting worse.  He should be carefully looked at to be sure no complications from his "cold" have developed.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Well the fever and rash came Wednesday of last week and Thursday the rash was present stil same as the fever was and Thursday night his eyes were very blood shot and a little swollenso I took him to the ER where admitted him will we were there he developed the very hoarse cough and it seems to be very painful for him and he is very congested...the doctor sent us home Tuesday night telling us is just a cold and his fever hasn't gone away he just keeps getting worse...should I bring him to a different doctor to get a second opinion? Also what do you think his diagnosis is?

Hi, meghan,

Please do so.  If he still has a fever, is getting worse, this is not what we expect to see.  He needs to see a good pediatrician or go to a peds hospital ER to see someone who can make sure he doesn't have a complication of this "cold".  This could range from an upper airway abscess to a condition called atypical Kawasaki disease.  If you are concerned, have him see someone else.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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