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Hi my son is 10 weeks old and I am having some formula troubles. He originally started off on Enfamil At ( yellow) and was on this for about a month but was extremely gassy and fussy. I could feel his stomach constantly grumbling after feedings and he was also non stop farting. I made the decision to switch to a Soy based formula and I found it made a huge difference with the gas issue. He seemed a lot happier but got a little constipated and was having hard small poops and was also spitting up more then before but again was very happy. I started to do research on soy and found horrible reviews about it especially in boys so we decided to switch again. Last week we chose to switch to Enfamil Gentlease which is suppose to be easy on the stomach. The first 2 days of the switch he had explosive diarrhea. I took almost a full week to do the switch nice and slow but now he has been on it only for 3 days and is back to being very gassy and fussier then usual. Also his poops go back and forth between hard and pasty but are very dark green. The nurse he sees has no opinion at all and aside from being frustrated I am at a complete loss on what to do now. We thought about maybe a lactose free formula or possibly just returning to soy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, J,

Switching around formulas is generally not a great idea.  It confuses things greatly.  I would have thought that with the soy doing better, you would have stuck with this and tried to work on the other problems.  

Gentlease is a milk based formula, lower in lactose and with the milk proteins broken down slightly chemically to make them more tolerable.

Happy kids that spit up and gain weight don't bother me.  Soy is fine and I would use it for the first year and then a switch probably can be made to regular whole milk at that time.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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