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My 2nd son Jett is 3 months and weights 15lbs. He was born full term and I have had problems with formulas from the beginning. He was originally after 3 weeks put on elecare by all children's GI because he was having bloody mucus stools with Enfamil nutramigen. Another week later he was diagnosed with RSV and hospitalized for a week with RSV. When he was discharged we continued with the elecare. We got allergy testing for milk/soy and everything came back negative. A few days after he turned 2 months, my pediatrician stated if he wasn't allergic to the milk/ soy to try him back on nutramigen. So we did, and he was doing well up until the day he turned three months. I noticed him getting a little congested again, and he is still on steroid breathing treatments, BUT his stool all of sudden changed he is pooping excessively 10 times a day. just last night he pooped 3 times in the middle of the night, he has a horrible rash that the zinc oxide is not working so i am also trying coconut oil. and they are more mucus and liquidly not full bowl movements. I've called my pediatrician and she doesn't seem concerned about the bowl movements. I need another opinion because before he was only going once a day and they were very full bowl movements. Please help with suggestions on what to do?

Hi, Ashley,

I doubt his current bout of loose stools has anything to do with his prior history.  He did well on the Nutramigen for a while and this episode is likely to be a viral illness, with the congestion and the diarrhea.  If the rash is worse, then consider it may be a yeast infection and try some clotrimazole 1% cream twice daily.  If he seems to be getting behind in fluids, see your doctor.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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