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My son was born on November 5th 2012...he was on regular similac advanced formula and he seemed to be very fussy and gassyon it so he was switched to similac sensitive he was still very fussy and gassy and he wasnt pooping more then once every 2-3 days so now he is on Enfamil soy formula and he is very constipated..he was trying to go today and he turns red and grunts and only a little will come out... what can i do to help him? Should i put him back on the sensitive formula and just see if his body gets use to it? He is having more issues now going poop then he was on the other formula... Any advice would be helpful


Hi, Amber,

If the stool is soft, she really isn't constipated.  If it is hard, like little pellets, then adding some prune juice (adult) 1:1 mixed in water, a couple oz, will help.  If this is an infant grunting and groaning and then passing a soft stool, this is normal.  Stool softeners won't help in this situation.  Sometimes rectal stimulation w the touch of a vaseline q tip might relieve some rectal spasm she may have.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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