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Pediatrics/cough & fever in 3,5 yr old boy


Hi Doctor,

My son has been sick for 8 days, hes been up with fever and cough. He's been on antibiotic clarithromicyn for 3 days ( 2 times a day, 125/5ml dose), its prescribed to be taken for 7 days. No test was taken before the antibiotics.

However my son's symptoms does not improve,
he still have fever, for the last 2 nights his tempt will be up to 40.2 C,

he's sweating a lot when he sleeps that I have to change his clothes 2 times during sleep.
He's been dry coughing a lot that he can not talk too much and can barely eat,

he said his head hurts ,and

he also has very loose bowel after he taken the antibiotics.

Tylenol does not work anymore, and Advil only help to lower the fever only for less than 6 hrs.

My doctor said its still common cold, but I am worry, because my son never been this sick before. Should I bring him to emergency room? Or what can I give him to ease the cough and fever other that Advil? Please help my son

Thank you very much

Hi, Dian,

If this is a viral illness, a common cold, then I'm not sure why anything was prescribed in the first place.  The med he is on can cause loose stools, headaches and just isn't at all recommended in a viral illness and is not a particularly useful med in the pediatric world. I never have prescribed it to anyone in my practice in 30 years.

This sounds like influenza, with the cough and cold symptoms and the high fever.  If he is having breathing difficulty or is getting worse, then see someone.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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