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I'm doing my thesis entitled "A Correlational Study Between Exposure to Television Advertisements and Food Choice of Selected Grade 3 Pupils of The Palmridge School S.Y. 2013-2014"

I've done a questionnaire and let them answer it. There are 15 situations there which they will pick a choice.

1st choice(3 pts): unhealthy food
2nd choice(2 pts): neither healthy or unhealthy food
3rd choice(1 pt) : healthy food

Now, I'm sure that this are not enough to determine if the child is healthy or not. My question is how will you determine a child if it's healthy or not? It is BMI or there are some procedures that can be done to determine if it's healthy or not. Please help me, and if possible give me all the procedure and explain it

Year:   Senior highschool(graduating student)
School: The Palmridge School, Philippines
Age:    15 yrs. old

Hi, Manuel,

I generally don't do homework type of questions, but a slow day and here goes.  The BMI is a pretty good measure of health as it relates to diet and is easy to determine by recording heights and weights.  Be sure you use the pediatric BMI percentiles, that are BMI correlated to the age.  The actual BMI numbers are misleading unless they age age based percentile.

Good luck, D.r Olson


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