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My 4 year got sick two weeks ago. It was a Sunday, he got a fever that lasted 5 days, he'd been coughing for about a month before this, so that was not new, vomiting, diarrhea, his tongue turned very red and bumpy, lethargic.. the doctor said to wait until he had a fever for at least 5 days, so we took him in on the 5th day. The tested him for strep and it was positive. He got two shots instead of 10 days of oral medications.

He got a little better, but he coughs more now, his tongue is still very red with the bumps and his finger tips are peeling a lot. Some are a little red on the very tips.

I'm concerned that maybe it was more than just strep. Do you have any advice or knowledge of what this could be?

Hi, Amanda,

I'm not sure why the shot, for all strep responds well to oral amoxicillin.  Maybe a shot for not able to swallow meds.  Either way, this sounds like strep and the post-strep peeling is common.  He should be feeling much better.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

Hi, again Amanda,

I just got a response from a pediatrician in India who follows my answers and apparently learns from them.  Kind of cool.  His thought re this is, I think, reasonable, especially if he still is running a fever.  A condition called Kawasaki disease can cause something similar and if your son still is ill, see your doctor with this thought in mind.  If he is back to normal, then this probably is strep and the peeling is due to the strep.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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