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My daughter born on 20-Jan-2012 in Karachi,Pakistan with erb palsy on her right shoulder. I brought here in Dubai where she had some psycho therapy section, in which she recovered somehow but not 100%. Now she is 13 month and 7 days, but still she canít walk. She tried to walk by holding table chairs, but not alone as lack of confident. She is on solid food with formula milk (Illuma Stage 3) of 300ml a day and breast milk also. Her height is 74cm and weight is 7.8 KG. At her 6 month she was 6.5kg and her weight was constant till 8 month then her Dr. introduced her S-26 Pure Gold formula milk of Vanilla flavor which she doesnít like at all, So we started her stage 1 and on her 1 year without flavor Stage 3. Kindly advice as I am getting worried about her health.

Hi, Rehan,

Erb palsy involves the brachial plexus, the bundle of nerves in the upper arm and therefore should not have a great bearing on walking.  Lots of normal kids wait until 15-18 months to walk.  This is usually normal, especially if the rest of the development is fine.  Ask your doctor if she is developing fine in all other respects, and if she is, she should walk soon.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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