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My 7 mo old daughter is on the upswing of a 5-day stomach virus (diarrhea subsiding, no more throwing up, eating foods as normal, healthy appetite).  The past 2 nights, she has fallen asleep on the bottle as normal but an hour later wakes up, uncontrollably crying and screaming at the top of her lungs (to the point that her voice is nearly gone in the morning).  She cannot be consoled - rocking, singing, feeding - nothing works.  After about 1.5 hrs she exhausts herself and goes back to sleep.  Another hour or so goes by and we do this all over again.  She has typically been a good sleeper - fights it at first but once she's down, she's usually down for the night (or one feeding in the middle of the night but right back to sleep).  She hasn't been tugging on her ears, no fever, night terror description doesn't seem to fit...I'm at a loss.  First time parent and my husband and I are beyond tired and frustrated.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, Jillian,

Sleep in babies is tenuous and sometimes even an illness can goof it up.  I would try, if you can, to modify the way you put her to bed.  I would not let her "fall asleep on the bottle" but as she is drowsy and slowing down the feeds, take the bottle away and put her to bed awake.  This changing of her "last waking memory" to the crib, rather than to you being present as she falls asleep on the bottle, should help.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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