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Pediatrics/8 yr old vomiting as much as 8x per day


My niece received a healthy ultrasound of the abdomen today as well as a healthy report from an ENT (my husband actually).  Could this be psychological in origin?  (Her parents are divorced ).    Any suggestions or instinctive thoughts?  It's been going on for close to a year.    Thank you.

Hi, carol,

I can't really help too much with this, not knowing the details and the whole story.  Has she seen a pediatric gastroenterologist?  Has she had a number of blood and imaging studies?  Is she healthy and not loosing weight?  Yes, psychological factors can play a role and kids can vomit voluntarily, but I would be hesitant to ascribe this as the cause unless I knew a lot more.  A full evaluation by a peds gastro person that is negative would lead me to think of the psychological causes.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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