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My grand daughter is almost four and in the last month she has been throwing "tantrums" (for a lack of a better word" at bed time and when ever she is being disciplined. my daughter has taken her toys  and movies away without any change.  I think there may be some under lining problems. the fits or tantrums are worse when she comes back from her father, who she does not want to see. She cries locks herself in the closet when she has to see him. there have been changes in her life, her mother got married last April, but my granddaughter loves her step father.  I no longer agree with what my daughter is doing but am afraid if this continues my daughter with either lose her job or have a nervous break down from the lack of sleep.  We have tried talking to the child and seems to understand at the moment then repeats the behavior later.  Should we take her in to see someone?  Any advice you could give me would be most appreciated.  thank you

Hi, Yvonne,

She needs to see a pediatric specialist in behavior, who can explain what is going on, why it is going on and ways that both mother and father can be unified to help their daughter.  The parents may have so much anger with each other that a unified approach may be impossible. I am profoundly sad when kids bear the brunt of the discord between parents.  Please get her some help.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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