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Hello Doctor,

My daughter just turned 2. For the past three mornings she has vomited. The first time (thurs)I was down the hall getting ready for class and I heard a cough.. I went into the bedroom to find that she had vomited- not a whole lot, and she seemed fine- and she was up for the day, and was fine through the day. No fever, no more vomiting that day- nothing. On Friday, I was woken up to "pee, puke", and sure enough she had just vomited. I rested her stomach for an hour, and she was fine... Ate throughout the day, no fever, no complaints of belly pain, she took her afternoon nap just fine. Now, Saturday- early morning (4:30) I heard her stand up in her crib ( her crib is in our bedroom), and I heard her stomach churning to vomit... She did a couple of times, ( there was still some food from dinner in the vomit)I brought her to our bed and laid her down / elevated her head- she vomited 2 short times after and that's it. Again, no fever, no vomiting through the day. She had no history of reflux, and isn't allergic to anything we are aware of. She is totally fine throughout the day, playing and eating, drinking, tormenting her older brother :) This is rather out of the blue for her to do this. She might wake here or there, as she is still breastfeeding but is voluntarily weaning slowly.
Other history: born @ 41.4, RCS, 10lb, 21.5in, newborn jaundice- she has always been healthy - not even an ear infection.

Could you give us any insight doctor as to what may be going?
Thank you in advance,

Hi, Trish,

I have seen kids like this with low grade viral illnesses that only manifest the illness by vomiting a bit.  Otherwise they are well.  It is hard to think of anything serious with this intermittent history.  No new foods introduced?  If she continues this for a week or so, then I would run her by your pediatrician.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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