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Just yesterday my 6 year old daughter went in for a sore throat when the dr was listening to her heart she asked me if my daughter has a murmur I said no she was health the 1check up before school started i just dont understand it .... I'm waiting to take her to get a chest xray and some more test this coming up week. Dr said no physical excersize @ school until they check her more ..what im i lookingg @ health wise from my daughter ...

Hi, deserie,

Unless your doctor has missed something completely over the years, and I doubt this, this is probably a murmur that was present due to the illness and fever and increased blood flow through a completely normal heart.  For someone to say on one visit that your previously healthy six year old should stop all physical activity until checked more is a bit silly, to me.  The chance of this being any major heart problem is astonishingly small.  See you regular doctor, hopefully a pediatrician, after the illness is done and see what happens.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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