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Pediatrics/light yellow vaginal discharge with my four year-old


The past couple of weeks, my four year-old daughter has been fighting a cold, during this time, I have noticed a little bit of a yellowy discharge on her underwear on 3 occasions in the past week and a half. She attends daycare, so naturally, my brain goes to the bad assumptions before it goes to a more rational explanation. Trying to figure out if I should have her checked out.  At school, they let them wipe themselves and I always know when she goes at school because her underwear are not the cleanest when she comes home.  But, the past few weeks, she has been going #2 at home where I can give her a good wipe, front to back with a wipe. She is also not a huge water drinker, prefers Motts for Tots apple juice and a lite V8 fusion. I am lucky to get 6 ounces of water in her a day. I bathe her every other day in the winter months and daily in the summer.  She is also very into her bubble baths with the Elmo color tablets.  Both say they are fine for kids with sensitive skin.  The bubble bath is a newer kind, but we have been using the color tablets since she was 10 months.  Thinking I will push more water and eliminate the bubble bath and color tabs to see if that could be irritating her her vagina. She says her vagina does not itch, nor does it burn when she urinates. Is trying to eliminate these things before running to the doctor a good idea, or should I make an appointment right away?  Also, should I see a pediatric gynecologist, urologist or see her regular pediatrician first? I am scared on many different levels after spending entirely too much time online researching whether this is normal or not.

Hi, Lisa,

See your pediatrician.  We all spend a great deal of our day looking at this area and are fairly skilled to separate out what is normal and what is not.  A light drainage like this is not uncommon and usually is due to non-specific irritation and will respond to a couple of lukewarm baths without soap to bath this area.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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