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Hi Dr. Olson,
2 days ago my 10 yr old daughter discovered a lump on her jawline. It feels about the size of a pea and moves around quite freely. At first she said it didn't hurt, but now when I try and check it she says it hurts. Maybe it is irritated from checking it, not sure. I spoke with the Peds office and they seemed to think it was just a cyst and said to keep an eye on it for a week. I can't tell for certain, but to me it seems a tad bigger than 2 days ago. I am very worried and am thinking about trying to get her in tomorrow to get checked, to hopefully put my mind at ease. Does this sound like a cyst to you?
Thank you,

Hi, Jen,

Yes, it sounds like a cyst which is usually benign, or a lymph node, depending on where is exactly is located.  If it seems bigger, see your doctor.  I see a lot of things like this in my office, and appreciate that most are not a big deal, but are a big deal to parents.  If you are concerned, make an appointment in the near future.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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