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Question 3 year old little girl has just passed some poop that is basically 95% mucus looking....clear mucus that is....she has not had any stomach virus or antibiotics which seems to be some of the more common causes of she did seem to have slightly more solid stool and I believe she also went at least one more time than she normally the time I attributed this to an increase in appetite due to a growth spurt that she is going thru...that is until she was saying ow when she went and all that came out was clear mucus so now I'm worried...I really hope its just her colon giving her some extra lubrication ....anything you could tell me about this would certainly ease my mind....thanks so much for your time.....Ginger

Hi, Ginger,

Kids will sometimes have a strange poop or two and be completely fine.  Whether this is a manifestation of a low grade virus, a food issue, or whatever, it usually is temporary and in a kid who is fine otherwise, just bears watching.  Sometimes if one is a bit constipated, you can pass a hard stool and then what comes out after is a bit watery.  Keep an eye on things and if it is persistent or she is sick, then see your doctor.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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