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Pediatrics/odd sleeping position of my child.


Hello doctor,
My daughter is 6 years old but she sleeps in a very odd position which concerns me a lot. She had an eye operation when she was 3 yrs and due to unfavourable circumstances (cancerous particles in her retina) she is having one artificial eye now. we had many visits to the hospital due to which she had lost her self esteem and gets scared whenever we talk of going to doctor. Since then we observed that she sleeps oddly (like a frog) with head down and holds her bended legs quite aggresively and tightly. Earlier we ignored but now she takes so much space on the bed as her legs are spread horizontaly and often she rubs her body with the bed.When she is in sound sleep then we normally straighten her legs but she don't want to change her sleeping position consciously. We are really concerned but we can't even take her to the doctor as she would protest against it. Kindly give us some remedial measures so that we can change her position.

Hi, mandakini,

Why would you want to change her sleep position?  If she is sleeping soundly, let her sleep.  I can't think of how this would hurt her.  Often kids this age will do some self-stimulation (masturbation) as a means of falling asleep and this is fine also.  I suspect that is what she is doing with the legs tightly clenched and the body rubbing on the bed.  This is normal and you don't need to change anything.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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