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Good afternoon-
I have a son who is now 8.  Every year since he was age 3, he has experienced a chronic seasonal cough that starts mid January and usually last until some time in March.
I have taken him to several doctors.  He has been place on several asthma medications and inhalants (Singulair, Albuterol, Claritin, steroids, nebulizer treatments, etc.). We have yet to find a solution to this cough.  He has been allergy test for both food and environments and is not allergic to anything.  His asthma breathing test was normal (the test where they blow as hard as they can).  He is worse at night most of the time but also has days, like today, where he coughs non-stop throughout the day.  Have you seen this before? Can you suggest any tests or remedies?  We have only been to a pediatric ENT specialist but haven't visited a pulmonologist.  He's not getting a good nights rest during these times and shows severe sleepiness during the day.  We live in a very dry climate and newer home in Montana.  It's a dry cough.  He also find little, if any relief from a neti-pot.  This year he seems to have some post-nasal-drip more so than previous years.

Thank you for your time and expertise!

Hi, Stephani,

If this truly is a seasonal cough during the time that you are mentioning, I would strongly consider allergic factors.  It sounds like he might be allergic to something in the house, rather than outside.  If he coughed all year, I would consider the possibility of acid reflex (GERD) as the culprit.  It sounds like he has tried all the appropriate meds for asthma and some of the meds for allergy.  It might be reasonable to try another antihistamine to see if this works better and perhaps explore this better with a good pediatric allergist.  It sounds like most of the things I would have tried have been considered.  

Sorry I can't be of more help to you, Dr. Olson


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