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HI Doc,

My Baby was born Jan 19, 2013 and has been in NICU ever since. He was out in the 32.5 weeks with weight 1.23 kg and was daigonsed with mild NEC in the 2nd week of NICU. Since then we have stopped external mother feeds and today is the 11th day without the same.Though there has been a weight gain and now he is 1.8 kg but the tummy is still kinda of bloated up. There were few bouts of mild apnea and he was on O2 but was under control. We had given it blood Transfusion because he was idetified as having blood infection and continuing with IV + TPN. Today my doc said there may be need of a surgery if the condition doesnt improve. He has also developed a bit of swelling in hands and leg and tummy looks a bit bloated.
My question is - how safe is surgery for NEC for pre terms.
Also whats are his chances of good recovery from such a surgery. Is there any other methods to cure this instead of invasive procedure like surgery?

Anticipating your reply at earliest.



Hi, Adi,

NEC is often watched carefully and some kids with it don't need surgery.  Many do need surgery and this is a decision that is made by the doctors caring for your child.  The surgery is major and in skilled hands, with a skilled pediatric support team directed by a pediatric surgeon, is usually successful.  Please be sure, if at all possible, this is done by a pediatric trained surgeon in a pediatric hospital.

Good luck, dr. Olson


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