I understand that you can not diagnose issues over the computer, but was hoping you could help me in whatever way you can. My son is 14 months old, stays home with me and has really never even been sick before. about 2 weeks ago he got these tiny, rough patches of bumps on his elbows and knees, I thought nothing of it till they started moving onto more of his body. we live literally in the middle of nowhere and drove hours to a second pediatrician who basically told us exactly what ours did, "it could be a number of rashes and they dont really know". The bumps are all over his body except his head and palms of his hands, they have not made it there yet. they do not seem to itch, are very small and skin colored, he has not been ill or had any changes or a fever at all. his father has "chicken skin" on his arms and from what I have read it sounds like this is what it could be. with these symptoms should I be worried? and what can I do to help him or how long should I wait to take him to another dr?

Hi, Amber,

This sounds a bit like atopic dermatitis, or what people commonly call eczema.  I wouldn't be worried.  With the "chicken skin" thing, this may be keratosis pilaris, another benign dry skin condition.  I would slather him up with moisturizers and then see what happens.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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