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Pediatrics/I suspect my 3 year old son has leaky gut syndrome


QUESTION: What are the first steps to finding out for sure/testing/ treatment.He has autism as well.

ANSWER: Hi, Brittany,

I don't know what you mean by "leaky gut syndrome". This is a diagnosis that to most doctors is unclear and is a commonly heard of condition in kids with autism.  Tell me about the symptoms, what you are seeing, what your doctor says and I can help you.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dr Olson, I appreciate your correspondence. We spoke with his gastrointestinal doctor today who said we needed the celiac disease blood test, in order to figure out if he has celiac disease of course and that the test would also tell us if he has leaky gt syndrome.
    My son's symptoms all seem connected. He has about 3-5 stools a day.Lately they've been green in color and very dense. What I mean is it looks more like a thin layer of paint than a stool.(only crrent as of last few days) He is still in diapers so no doubt it would be liquid if he were potty trained. The school nurse complained it was foul smelling and sent him home in a county car. Lately it seems no matter what he eats we get this same reaction. Last week there were undigested corn kernels lentils very apparent, but of course there were forms to his stool early last week. So even though the form or lack of form/color changes it still happens 3-5 times a day.I must add too he is slightly obese if not close or right on the money weightwise. He must be getting some of the nutrients.
      Or son also is irritable, very learning disabled, and food allergies seem to come out of nowhere. Up until age 2 and a half or so he was eating and drinking anything and everything, and now he can have barely any of those same foods. (Nov 25th-Thanksgiving dinner we saw him react to the food which we cheated a little and gave him a few things he wasnt supposed to have(included milk)He's casein sensitive as of 2 years old, maybe somewhat later. Out of nowhere he seemed allergic to corn flour/syrup about two months ago.
      Even the reactions we see have gotten worse. At age two he would react to casein for two-for hours and be fine. We avoid it now but he has been reacting to it ever since Nov. with sometimes 3-5 day relief. Something wierd is going on with my son, and never have I had to write so much about stools in my life.
         He also has lots of gas(up to 3 incidents of moderate to severe gas every 24 hours with maybe 2-3 minor spells), and responds with terrible tantrums which weve relieved with sensory help(movies, music meant to be white noise) I hope you can help me, but if not I look forward to what you have to say anyway.
         Brittany M. Keane

Hi, Brittany,

LBS is a disease entity that is poorly defined and poorly understood, by pediatricians and most conventional doctors.  My understanding of this, and it is limited, is that eliminating foods that seem to be offensive is the way to go.  I think common things like celiac disease can be ruled out, but I think the best approach for you might be to see an alternative medicine doctor.  I usually don't recommend this, but for this problem, that might be best.  An allergist may also be of some help.

I wish you well, Dr. Olson


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