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My son is 35 months old hes
delayed in speech the only surgeries he has had is the placement of ear tubes in both eardrums
He says 20 single words (and can't use more than two words when he talks)
He hasnt been diagnosed with any disease
I'm waiting for the speech therapist to contact back to see if Medicaid approved the services
I try helping him out as much as possible
I get to his height and try to start a conversation
But he always answers in one word like yes no or more
But I always ask him informative questions not like yes or no questions
He understands what I say because he follows instructions
It worries me that he's not talking
He has been in a home daycare (my moms)
But his social skills are not that good
He starts screaming at kids (because of his frustration of not being able to talk)
Not only is his speech delayed but also I've notice he can't jump without having his feet off the floor yet
Not even skip
The pediatrics we've seen have told me that every kid is different and they do things at their own pace
But I'm worried about my son
He's not progressing
And if he learns a word he forgets how to say it in a short time
I took him for a hearing test and the nurse insulted me
Because she said my son is just a spoiled brat and he's really immature for his age
I felt horrible....
because my son is different and people don't understand it
He screamed and yelled horrible during his hearing test
My husband and I explained to him he's okay and to relax
But he couldnt tell us he was scared or ask where he was because he can't talk

Our family consists of his dad myself our newborn and himself
I'm a stay at home mom to attend to my newborn and start potty training my son
I know I'm not spoiling my son because I not always buy him what he wants or let him get his way

Bottom line is that as a mom I worried
He's not successful potty training yet
Because I feel he learns things slow

I'm concerned because on top of this
He has a phobia of being surrounded by people
If we go out shopping or family gatherings doctors offices or wherever we go
And if someone just stares at him or look at in his direction he starts screaming and saying no!!!!
It's hard to get him into a relaxed mode once someone sees him..,.

I was wondering if he's okay
If he will someday talk
Be social and enjoy playing
Or if he has a disease

And if so how can I help him....

Hi, Mrs. Bradley,

I would strongly recommend an evaluation by someone skilled at the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.  I suspect this is what he has.  Your pediatrician can do some initial screening.  The speech delay and social delays are consistent with this.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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