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I noticed on my 9 mo old that she has a bulge right next to the left of her spine that starts about 1/3 down her back to right about her pelvis. I dont see any unevenness in her shoulders or pelvis to indicate scoliosis. We did a ultrasound of her spine and did not find any abnormalities. We did an xray of her spine but because she would not sit still she was turning to the left in the scan. The radiologist misread it as scoliosis but the orthopedic surgeon does not believe it to be scoliosis because you can see the pelvis twisted. Nobody can tell me what that bulge is. I tried to massage it but it hasnt helped much. When she was very small she would love the lean a bit to the left when we would carry her. Did that cause it? Any thoughts?

Hi, Sylvia,

If the spine is normal and she is otherwise fine, I would tend to watch this.  Scoliosis in this age group can be tough to identify and my take on this would be to have your doctor carefully check things, record any findings, and then at the 1 year PE consider another XRay.  Plain film xrays are pretty safe and it may be useful to just rule out scoliosis with some certainty.  This may be just some muscle assymetry, that is actually quite common.  Just keep a good watch on things.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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