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my 9 month old fell off the bed about a week ago (about 3 feet high). I believe she fell on her face/head, she had rug burn on her nose mostly and a little rug burn on the top of her hair line. she has been her normal self all around. the thing is she has recently started spitting up food and some what runs. im not sure if she is getting sick, because my 2 yr old has the runs as does my husband an myself.. im just worried.

Hi, amanda,

If this happened a week ago and everything is fine now, then the injury has nothing to do with her current symptoms.  This is probably a stomach virus that you all are sharing and should just pass.  If she seems to be getting dehydrated, then a check at the doctors for this, but not for the minor injury, might be done.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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