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I have taken my son to see his doctor multiple times plus visits to three different hospitals since August and i still dont have answers! He is 5 years old and has been suffering from reaccuring headaches, fevers and leg pain for 8 months and its getting worse! When it first started there would be a few weeks to a month between "episodes" and would last a few hours to a day. Now it is happening a week apart and today we are on day three. His syptoms have gotten worse as well. His headaches cause vision problems. He says it looks likes things are wiggeling. He complains about stomache pain. He wont eat. He lost 7 lbs. He says everything hurts. Head, stomach,  legs, back, arms and neck. Sometimes his legs hurt so bad he cant walk. He sleeps a lot. I demanded blood test the last time he i took him to his doctor. They tested for mono and tick bourne illness. All negative. When i took him to the hospitals they all blew it off  for a "virus thats going around". There are four of us in the home. Besides one or two colds noone else has been sick. Again this has been happening a few weeks since August!!!! Im losing my mind! My son is sick and no one seems to be worried about it and its getting worse. In fact we went to the hospital again today and was sent home with motrin, which doesnt help by the way. No tests were done. I understand this may not be your field but Imasking everybody and hoping someone can help. Thank you

It is difficult for me to help you without seeing the child. You have not mentioned his ESR. If the ESR is normal probably there is nothing very serious. I do not know whether you have traveled abroad. In that case malaria and other less common conditions will have to be considered. You can also get his urine culture. If there is family history of Rheumatoid Arthritis that also has to be considered.. Please remember that doctors are  also human beings with all their limitations. Pray and hope that he will get better. I will also pray for your child.  


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I can answer questions in the field of general pediatrics-questions regarding the development of children, immunization, feeding, weaning and common childhood problems like fever, cough and recurrent illness. Many of these topics are dealt with on my website Healthy Family Happy Family. Often a mother imagines that her child is sick when in fact there is no problem. Such a mother needs explanation and reassurance. I will not be able to answer specific questions regarding diagnosis.


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