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Hi Doctor:
good day,
my 5 year old daughter has frequent nosebleeds with an average interval of once or twice every 2 weeks, when she was a toddler she had  occasional nosebleeds prior to a cold, and it became more often starting last year, we live in manila and its generally quite humid, and in 2011 she had a blood work done including cbc and everything came out normal, so her pedia ruled out blood disorder, and prescribed muconase nasal spray to clean the nose, no rubbing, blowing  , picking , and bactroban ointment for a week, but she still gets nose bleeds ,  i noticed that the lining of her nose looks very raw  most of the time, and she took montelukast for a couple of months before due to  nasal allergies, is the bleeding related to having allergies?  please further advise thanks a lot!

Hi, Jeanne,

Bleeding could be related to allergies.  I am not sure if muconase is an inhaled steroid, since I don't prescribe it.  If it is, it could help with nasal allergies and therefore may help with bleeding.  I would recommend discussing it further with your doctor and then perhaps have an ENT doctor look into the nose from their skilled perspective.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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