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My son is 4 months old, he`s exclusively breastfed and he wasn`t pooping for 6 days, after that I injected him a glycerin (microclisma - I`m from Europe) and that went well. Now I`m afraid that he`s going to do the same (today is day 2). Should I introduce him to solids or make so changes in his feeding plan. His pee also turned to yellow now. More water or what?

Hi, Queen,

"Injected" seems a bit harsh! (:

Lots of BF babies have infrequent but still very loose stools.  They can normally go a week or so without a stool and why it can happen with no apparent change in anything is unknown to me.  If he is not fussy, then do nothing and wait for the "blowout" diaper.  If he is fussy and you think it is due to the lack of stools, nothing wrong with a suppository.  I don't think solids will help and could cause really hard stools.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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