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Pediatrics/blood work results and urinalysis


QUESTION: Good Day Doc:
my 14 year old son's blood work as follow:
uric acid 9.07
triglycerides 151.07
hemoglobin 135
hematocrit  0.419
wbc         4.4
rbc         4.92
neutrophiles .34
lymphocytes  0.59
eosinophils  .07

my 6 year old daughters urinalysis:
wbc 7 - 10 hpf
rbc 0-1
occult blood  negative
protein       trace
glucose       negative
ketone        negative

I will bring them to the pediatrician on Monday, for the mean time im very worried about my son's blood count, and does my daughter have possible uti? please advise thanks

ANSWER: Hi, Jeanne,  

I can't comment on your son, for I have no idea why a 14 year old would get these labs.  I have to know the context in which they were done.  Given the context, I can comment.  

7-10 white blood cells is at the cut-off of what we call normal.  If she is having no symptoms, this is probably normal.  If she is having symptoms suggestive of an infection, the urine should be sent for culture.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

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QUESTION: Hi doctor  sorry for the lack of information
It was just a routine blood work for my son, could the uric acid be genetics because his dad ,uncles and aunts, even cousins all have the, condition? Aside from the above all are within normal range such as creatinine, sgpt , blood sugar etc. He just had flu and typhoid vaccines 2 weeks ago , could that be the cause of the raised lymphocyte level? He is asthmatic but under control, and not sick nor having any symptoms.

As for my daughter she doesnt have any symptoms as well

Thank you again!

Hi, Jeanne,

Again, I have no idea why all these tests are being done on a healthy kid.  No one recommends these tests for a healthy child and it is hard to interpret things in this setting.  Uric acid levels in kids this age are usually normal and perhaps in this case, genetically linked.  The lymphocyte counts are fine.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson.  


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