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My son had a CBC done last week that showed that he probably had a viral infection causing some strange fever symptoms.  They redid the CBC this week since the symptoms continued and they called and told me that his labs came back normal.

I'm now looking at the results online and I see that last week his platelets were 314 and this week his platelets are elevated at 486.  

Is it truly normal for that kind of jump to happen?

I'm looking at past results and his platelets have been 314, 307, 313, and 347 in the last 2 years.  This 486 number seems significantly higher than his normal levels to me and it seems odd for it to have gone up within just one week without any known illness.  I'm guessing it could be a sample error?

Hi, JR,

Elevated platelets generally mean nothing in a CBC.  They are markers of illness ("acute phase reactants") and will move up and down, and especially will increase with a viral illness at times.  They mean nothing clinically relevant in this setting.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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