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Dr, My 4year old has had a fever and sore throat for 4 days, diarrhea in the first two days, yesterday she started getting a rash on her face which looked like sunburn by her cheek bones. It seemed to come and go yesterday and again today with the fever. I've been giving IBU every 6 hrs and did a little research and was wondering if it could be fifths disease? Now tonight she came to me and said her "pee-pee" hurt and it looks almost sunburn all around her vaginal area, also the same under her arm pits. Of course it's Sunday so I will be making her an appointment tomorrow but wanted some insight before as well. Thoughts? If it is fifths there is not much treatment correct?

Hi, Amanda,

I would much more wonder about this being scarlet fever, a strep infection with a rash or a staph scarlet fever syndrome.  Please see your doctor.  Fifth disease does not involve the genital area very often and the other two conditions do frequently and need to be treated.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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