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Our two month old boy is doing well, gaining weight, active, healthy and happy.  However, he has the habit of staring into space, either at a wall or the ceiling, occasionally at a light, and while doing so, smiling as if somehow being entertained.  He does this while being fed, on the changing table, etc. If I put my face into his line of sight, he will usually stare back into my eyes.  Also, he does follow objects with his eyes, indicating recognition of the object and movement, and apparently enjoys the television.  I realize he is only two months old and his optical processes are still developing, so this might be typical.  That said, it is our first child so we are not sure what is typical.

Is this typical or indicative of something else?

Hi, Bryon,

I thought I answered this, but if not, this is totally normal behavior for one this age.  Infants have a tendency to be fascinated by differences in light intensity, or faces, and will stare at them often.  Totally normal.

Good luck, D.r Olson


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