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I have a 5ys old with no history of repeated sore throat.
2 months ago has been diagnosed as scarlet fever based on rash and throat culture (sensitive to amoxacillin). He received amoxacillin 50mg/kg for 12 days then he spiked fever 3 days after stopping the antibiotic he received ceftriaxone IV for 7 days (no hospital admission) then ceforoxim for 3 days and he responded well

3 weeks after he developed fever, rash again and sore throat and + ve strept culture and put on amoxacillin again

what should we do this recurrence

Hi, Yasser,

I am not sure why he was given the ceftriaxone IV.  I am also not sure about the sensitivity of the strep to amoxicillin, for we never check this, the assumption being that all are sensitive to group B beta strep.  Was the fever spike due to a recurrent strep?  Was this cultured the second time?  Are his tonsils large?  I need some more information.  In my office, if the throat was red and looked like strep and the second culture (with the fever 3 days after the antibiotics) was positive, I would just have given a ten day treatment with another penicillin.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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