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QUESTION: I would appreciate any help with this! My 5 yr old daughter was diagnosed with strep throat along with the rash from head to toe on Tuesday. She has been on antibiotics for 5 days. The only reason we knew she was sick to begin with was the rash. She has not acted sick at all nor has she said her throat hurt. My concern is she is still having a 99.2 fever and the rash is not itchy but still looks like sand paper on most of her body. The nurses do not seemed concerned even though she has developed a dry cough and some nasal congestion. I just want her better! Please help!

ANSWER: Hi, Michelle,

It sounds like she, especially if a positive strep test was obtained, has scarlet fever, a strep infection with a distinctive sandpaper-like rash.  99.2 is a normal temp and not by definition a fever.  The rash, if this is scarlet fever, may stay for a week or so and a few kids have peeling skin on the hands and feet a couple weeks later.  If a strep test wasn't done or if the test was negative, then some viruses can cause a similar picture.  

Here is a handout that explains scarlet fever:

If you have any other questions, please ask.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So here we r a week later and she is now running a 102 to 99.5. We went to the ER and since they could not see or hear anything wrong with her, they sent us home without anything. Her only symptom is a fever. We thought maybe parasites but she is eating and drinking fine and no other signs. Her primary care doctor did not want ti see her until 3 days and only if the fever is still there. Where do I go from here?

Hi, Michelle,

It is common for kids to go from a treatable illness like strep and later, probably coincidentally, come down with an unrelated viral illness.  This is probably what is going on.  I think the advice from your doctor to wait is reasonable, for the chances of this being an untreatable viral illness is high.  Just do the TLC things and wait.

Good luck, D.r Olson


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