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Hello. I have a little boy who is almost 13 months old.  He is the youngest of four children and the only boy.  At this time, he does not wave, clap, or point.  I'm not worried about his fine motor skills as he is able to use a pincer grasp and likes to catch and roll balls across the coffee table.  He is not walking but does pull himself up to stand and is starting to cruise furniture.  His development is so different than that of his sisters-they were all well ahead of regular expectations at this age.  He says "Dada" and will crawl around looking for me saying "MMMMMMM" or "Mamamamamamama."  He is very social, responds to his name, loves to snuggle, and smiles all the time.  I guess I'm just worried because of the lack of gestures he uses.  I physically wave his hand every day to say "bye bye" to his family members and am constantly making him clap.  I've also been trying teaching him to sign "more" but he is not using it consistently.  I've never had experience with a toddler who is not meeting developmental checklist expectations.  So I'm at a loss.
I would appreciate any insight or thoughts you might have.
Thank you so much for your time.

Hi, Rachel,

I would dispute the statement that he is not meeting developmental expectations.  He has sisters who talk for him, get him stuff and in some respects he lives a pampered life, where everyone pays him a lot of attention.  This is really good, but it is expected that a youngest boy be delayed relative to his older sisters in some respects.  This is not developmental delay, he is well within the broad normal developmental guidelines we have. I wouldn't worry.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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