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I have a set of twin girls born Sep 2010. One of the twins (twin 1) was growth deficient through out the pregnancy. This twin is now 2 years old and still very under weight. She is approx 8.2 kg at present. I am very worried, she does not seem to eat very much and has a low appetite. She is dairy intolerant as since I have removed dairy from the diet her sickness which was thought to of been reflux has reduced. She also has a low immunity and seems to have frequent high temps. Any advice /supplement advice would be helpful.

Hi, Jas,

Small for gestational age babies tend to be small all their lives.  I know of no supplement that will help enhance growth.  Balanced diets full of good things is all people generally need.  If she really has problems with her ability to fight infections, this is a concern that your pediatrician can address, if this is needed.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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