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Good afternoon,

I have a 4 year old boy- he is eating well but very picky on food
( only eat what he likes-) he does not eating much vegetable  /and only eat food that he knows best- he hardly to try new food unless when he is really , really hungry . When He is about 1 year old - we mix ensure ( not pediasure - he tried pediasure but refuse to drink )chocolate milk with whole milk and he takes it well up untill now ( 2 days / 1 bottle of ensure milk mix with about 36-48 oz whole milk- or 1 day he consumes about 20-24 oz milk) -
My question is " does he need to take Gummy Vitamins? " -
My boy is a very active boy - as a mom , I know he is strong / healthy and happy boy - but in the other side - there is someone said he is skinny and need more supplement ??? Please give me a fairly advise or if you have any article related to this issue please give me a link to review it?
Thank you very much !


Hi, Jalyn,

Vitamins for any kid would be safe and parents can give them if they wish.  Whether they truly need them is debatable.  As long as kids get either adequate veggies or fruits, they should be fine.  If they don't, then a vitamin may be helpful.  "Skinny" is generally good in kids.  I would be interested in  his height and weight percentiles to more adequately assess this.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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