My grandson has periods of unexplained vomiting. He is almost 10 years old. He has had several bouts over the years. He starts saying he's not hungry. Then in the evening he starts vomiting. Sometimes he vomits food, but mostly it's clear and foamy. He says if he drinks water it helps him not to vomit. He vomits anywhere from 5-10 times before going to sleep. He will then sleep through the night, act normal during the day (all except not wanting to eat much) and then the vomiting starts again in the evening. He is getting over a bad cold right now. We've mentioned it to the Dr but he doesn't seem concerned. My grandson says his stomach hurts and it is his stomach he points to, and says it's sharp pain. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi, Victoria,

If this is a very intermittent occurrence and is separated by a long time where he is fine, then this may even by what we call a migraine equivalent, an episode where instead of having a headache, the migraine manifestation may be vomiting.  Explore this with your doctor.  This would rely largely on a family history of migraine.  A food intolerance would be another explanation.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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