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My 6 year old step daughter is staying with us this weekend and on more than one occasion she complains with burning and itching of the vagina.  We no longer let her use bubble bath and things of that nature and haven't had any complaints for a while.  Today she was screaming and crying with painful itching of her vaginal area.  she has scratched it so much that it is raw and making the burning worse.  What could cause something like this in a 6 year old child, do I need to seek medical attention

Hi, cindy,

Girls this age often get an irritative vaginitis, a non-specific inflammation of this area due to heat, moisture, inadequate wiping or wiping in the wrong direction.  I would try some twice a day sitz baths (have her soak in a bathtub without soap for twenty minutes twice a day), make sure there are no changes in toilet paper to rule out allergies, and have her sleep in a nightshirt without underwear.  This usually takes care of things.  If not, see your pediatrician.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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