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My daughter is 3yr6mo. She weaned off breastmilk about 6months ago (prior to that she had been nursing 4+ times a day) She has always been a picky eater(this combined with several other habits has us suspecting a sensory issue). We've begun noticing her hair is very thin and brittle and falls out easily. She has a waist extremely comparable to her 14month old sister. We weighed and measured her and found that she hasn't gained any weight in the last 6months and hasn't grown in height (if she has its very small growth like maybe .25in) Shes currently 27lbs and falling off the growth chart. I'm trying to keep track of her daily intake to help find a healthy well balanced diet and allow her to gain more appropriately. I'm not interested in feeding her ice cream 3 times a day just to get her to gain weight. I'm more concerned with her overall lack of nutrition. What should her ideal daily average caloric intake be?

Hi, Melinda,

Don't you think it would be a good idea to have her see her pediatrician, do a good dietary history, a good exam and perhaps some targeted lab studies to see if she is medically OK?  To me, this would be the first thing to do.  An alternative plan would be to see a good dietician and have a good dietary history taken.  Please do one or the other.  Me telling you what calorie/kg/day intake she should have is kind of useless information for you and stuff that can be found online easily.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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