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My nephew (7 wks old) is being treated for GERD with childrens Nexium. Not sure of the dosage, but my nephew says it's a "dropper full" twice a day.

Still, he is having problems. I am his care giver in the daytime...and he eats okay. I give him 3oz of soy formula (BTW, this is his 7th type of formula...and he has only been on this for 2 days) every 3-4 hours. I feed 1 ounce then burp, then 2nd ounce and burp, etc. Between feedings if he gets really fussy, I give him a swallow or two of distilled water.

When he burps, it's not with a lot of "over-flow"...but sometimes he belches...and then screams. You can tell that it burns and hurts him. Question One: Can he take any other medicines or over-the-counter antacids with the Nexium?

At about 45 minutes after feeding...while he is otherwise calm...he lets out a blood-curdling scream. Not discomfort, not cranky, not temper...he is calm than a scream that sounds as though someone is being torn in two. I rub, rock, cuddle, and do anything else I can think of to calm him down but nothing helps for several minutes. Then he slowly seems to get better.

Question Two: What could be causing this? IOW...Is this normal with GERD, or a sign of another issue.

The poor little fellow is in obvious pain. His Ped...just keeps hearing "GERD and colic"....and this is truly more than just a baby that is fussy, uncomfortable, or cranky.

Please help. Thanks so much for your time.

Hi, Aunt,

It sounds like GERD.  Meds like Nexium do not generally work as well as ones like ranitidine. Sometimes a combination of the ranitidine and a med like Nexium will work better. Other meds similar to Nexium, like prevacid or prilosec, can be tried and may or may not work better.  

Kids who don't respond to aggressive use of these meds should be seen by a peds gastro person to make sure they have GERD and not something like eosinophilic esophagitis.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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