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I have a daughter who is 8 yrs 11months. She is currently 37 lbs and 44" tall. Her doctor told us up until 2012 that she would grow but has not. She has had genetic testing with nothing abnormal found. What tests would you suggest for a child with growth delays if testing for Micro Array comes back normal? She had normal appetite until February of 2013, Sticky stools but daily movements, no tummy ache complaints, nutrionist has done a 3 day study and stated calorie intake is sufficient, she has a delayed bone age but is not Growth Hormone Deficient....Any suggestions?

Failure to Thrive
Unspecified seizure disorder
Simple Motor Tics
Fine Motor delays

Thank You

Hi, Amanda,

I suspect her evaluation is being organized by a children's hospital team or a developmental specialist and if this is not the case, it should be.  This is a really difficult type of question for me to answer, without being privy to the whole medical record.  I'm assuming she has had a full GI workup, including testing for celiac disease and that this is all negative.  

Please be sure this all is being coordinated by specialists at a Michigan children's hospital.  They are the experts and this is the type of patient I would refer after some preliminary tests came back negative.

Sorry I can't be of more help to you, good luck, dr. Olson


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