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Hi, I help take care of my nephew, he is now 11 mo. old. Ever since he was about 2 mo. old he has been tensing up and holding his breath. He also holds out his arms as to be picked up while he does this. We have asked the regular Dr. and the clinic Dr. and they shrug it off to habit. But today while doing this he started to shake. He was laying on his back, arms out, breath held, and was shaking. He has never shook before. As soon as I picked him up he stopped. He does have is annual check up in about a month, but is this something we should worry about? He doesn't just break into this all the time, just when he's excited or want's to be held, or crying. Just a little concerned. Thank you! Kathy

Hi, Kathy,

Breath holding spells are common and ultimately harmless, even if they promote a brief seizure, which he probably is having.  Here is a great handout I use for my patients and hope it will explain this condition to you.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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