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Hello Dr, my 9 yr old son has a bit of an issue today. He says he can't swallow for fear he is going to choke. He drinks liquids just fine, but when he tried to eat his pizza for dinner, he chewed a bite then got upset and said he couldn't eat because he can't get it to go down, afraid to swallow. He tried an ice cream cone with nuts etc and no go either. He ate lunch this afternoon at a fellow classmate's b-day party(pizza) with no issues. I told him there is nothing to be afraid of and if he swallows, it will go down. But he's not buying it. He has no injury/medical issues or anything he can recall that would adversely affect anything like that. He has always been unwilling to eat things like cooked spinach, essentially things that are stringy because they make him gag. I don't think this an issue worthy of a Dr's visit, but would like your opinion. Thanks very much.

Hi, Mike,

Globus pharyngitis is a common pediatric condition.  I consider it a type of anxiety disorder and some kids can lose weight and become quite disabled by this, in a physical and mental sense.  Short of seeing a counselor, and this may be a good idea, I would ignore the symptoms.  Talking about it will make it worse.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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