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left arm progression
left arm progression  

right arm progression
right arm progression  
Last Thursday my one year old got bit twice by a spider. I saw the spider and killed it. l didnt realize The spider had bit him that at point. Once we were home I noticed two lesions that were not there before. We had already been advised to take him to the ED due to breathing issues he was having before the bite. At the ED he was given a diagnosis of Cellulitis and prescribed Clindamycin. I was told to follow up in 2 days but as it was the weekend our Dr's office was closed. l called the nurse line and they recommended I go back to the ED we went to on Thursday. There they did a culture and we have to follow up on monday. Both bites have a blistery hard center. one is more red and irritated than the other. This is the one that was cultured. I have some pictures but my main question is what is the normal progression of-healing in these kinds of bites.

Hi, Violet,

Great pictures!  I am surprised that in the initial ED visit they didn't culture the lesions.  A culture after a few days of clindamycin will be somewhat useless.  This looks like a typical spider bite and how long it will last depends on the type of spider.  They can be slow to heal and really nothing will help with the healing process.  A couple of weeks would be expected and what would not be expected is getting progressively worse.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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