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Hello Doc,

My son is just stepped in 5 month. he's having yellowish stool frequently, went to check up and did stool test but it came up normal but to control diarriea doc gave Meftal spas : 7 drops each 3 times a day and Bestozyme:2.5 ml each 2 times a day. both medicine doses are for 5 days. but since we started medicine, my son start stooling green, foamy. and after 5th day I did stool test which shows :
Mucus: present, Blood: Nill, Pus cells:4-6/HPf, RBC:1-2/HPf, Fat droplets: Nil, Parasites: not found.
and after two days I have follow-up test and again I did stool test that day before follow up so as to show the both report to doc.
Mucus: present, Blood: Nill, Pus cells:15-20/HPf, RBC:Nil,  Parasites: not found.
Doc told me my son has stomatch infection so doc gave OGYL-DF syrup (metronidazole benzonate and diloxanide furoate combination) which courses for 5 days giving 2.5ml thrice a day. we have been giving this syrup and stop previous medicine already(which I have mentioned above). it's been 1st day of medication, but he's still passing green stool. just wonder, will OGYL-DF take time to work on my sons infection? or how many days I have to wait and see to take effect?
My son is active, having breast milk all the time, laugh, play etc. I see he's normal by looking out his behaviour. but stool is always green. btw he passes stool 7-10 times a day. we haven't given him any food besides breast milk. but since he's active and plays lot, he stick his finger to mouth most of the time, may be this is the reason he get infection. also we have given water to drink few drops only may be 2 to 3 times till now. this may be reason too. Can you reply me with proper solution and also how long it will take that drug to work on infection too?

Hi, shrawan,

Diarrhea is treated totally differently in your part of the world compared to the USA.  We virtually never treat anyone before we know the causative agent for the diarrhea. We do stool cultures and seldom analyze the stool, for without knowing what actually is causing the diarrhea, stool analysis is kind of meaningless.  Ask your doctor what they are treating.  We never would use the metronidazole combination in this fashion in a 5 month old.

Sorry I can't be of more help to you, Dr. Olson


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