My fourteen year old has allergy and exercise induced asthma, as well as reactive airway disease anytime he is sick. he is on an Pro-air rescue inhaler that he uses thirty minutes before activity(every four hours if sick with a cold or severe allergies) and he will use it if he is having an asthma attack, a Flo-vent inhaler that he uses twice a day every day. Over the last two months these inhalers have started to not work well at all,he has had two serious asthma attacks in less then two weeks,one today which resulted in him vomiting and nearly passing out. He will see his doctor again in a few days to see what other options we have. What other things can be done for him? He is really worried that his soccer career is going to have to be given up on and that would devastate him. We live in a small rural city in Ohio named Kingston. We have not pet in our home(he is allergic to cats)Besides his other medication he get allergy shot every two weeks. His triggers are normally exercise and illness and environmental such as trees,pollen.

Hi, Leah,

He needs to be on a daily controller medicine.  The Flovent is really designed to be used daily, twice a day, to prevent asthma attacks.  His allergies need to be well controlled, for what happens in the nose effects the lung function.  He should be put on controller meds, which might include daily twice a day Flovent for several months or more, and/or perhaps a daily oral controller called montelukast.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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