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My baby is 7 weeks old. When he was born they took him away from me for 15 minutes because he had trouble breathing. Then they said he was fine. However, ever since he was born he has made a squeaky noise when inhaling. It wasnt really a concern to me until now. The last two days he hasn't slept much, he cries and has trouble breathing all together when he is either on his back or tummy, tonight he vomited most of his food and it smelled much worse than his usual spit ups, and his whole body is sticky and sweaty. My biggest concern is his breathing and why when he's on his back he freaks out. He is only content/breathing okay when he's sitting up in his swing, bouncer, and in my arms. And even then he doesn't sleep good. He usually sleeps 2 hours then wakes up hungry like clock work every day all day and night. Now he is constantly awake fussing. He didn't sleep at all last night and only 3 hours all day long (while in swing). Tonight I held him till he fell asleep but he was snoring like usual and would wake up every few minutes. He is finally asleep now (in his bouncer) but making all the different sounds that worry me. I'm laying on the floor just watching him sleep.

Hi, Megan,

I doubt if what happened to him at birth, a slow transition to life outside the womb, has any bearing on what is happening now or the sounds he makes from birth.

It sounds like he might have a bit of a viral illness, like a cold.  With a baby at 7 weeks, it would be a good idea to check with your doctor.  Kids generally, if they have an illness, with make  more sounds breathing than if they didn't have the illness.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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