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Hello Dr. Olson,

My son is of 3.5 months.
I did a testing of his stool sample and found below things:
Stool Routine Examination with pH Sugar & Occult Blood
(Physical, Chemical & Microscopic Examination)
Colour: Greenish
Mucus Present
Blood: Absent
Consistency: Liquid
Parasites: Absent

pH: 6.5
Reducing Sugar: Trace
Occult Blood: Positive

R.B.Cs: Few per hpf
Pus cells: Many per hpf
Macrophages: Present per hpf
Fat Globules: Absent
Veg. Matter: Scanty
Ova: Absent
Vegetative Forms: Not Detected
Cysts: Not Detected

Before one months he faced the same problem, was crying when passing his stool and there was a red circle outside anus.
Dr. gave Amicasin antibiotics injections(5 doses) and Futop tube to rub on the red circle.
Then he was fine, but now again its started and no idea what treatment / advance diagnostics test will follow to find the exact root cause of this infection.
I consult Doctor (Pediatrics and Gastrinterologist)and he suggested me to do the endoscopy of my son.
And told to start below drugs:
1. Oflomac Syrup - 2.5 ml twice in a day
2. Zinconia syrup - 2.5 ml twice in a day

There is not weight loss in baby and gaining weight as per the growth chart.
But its almost 2 months that, we can see occukt blood in his stool.
(It was not visible to eyes.)
Can you please advise if it is ok do the endoscopy of a 3 months old baby and if the treatment is going in the right direction.

Any suggestion on this will be of great help.

Thanks and Regards,
Safal Chaudhari.
Pune, India

Hi, Safal,

How about a culture of the stool for ova, parasites and bacteria to definitively prove what is going on?  I appreciate things are done differently in India, but I would love to ask why something this simple is not done.  Before a major test like an endoscopy in a 3 month old who is essentially healthy, why not do something simple that may be the definitive answer.  This is not the way we practice in the USA...throwing a bunch of medicine at an infant and seeing what happens.

Good luck, D.r Olson


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